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Hi, I am Aaron, and I specialize in "Oh, YES!"

Have you ever stared at a friend or family member's photo album and said, "oh, that's….nice?" while thinking to yourself, "oh, ….no!"

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My Story

I have been part of the Shawn Team for a few seasons. When I started working with family and close friends with their photos, I noticed a lack of personality. Family and engagement photos that were supposed to be some of the most memorable art pieces lacked personalization and edge. They all looked the same, and I wanted to use my creative side to help bring life to my love for storytelling through visuals. That is what led me here, to you.

Now, I can dedicate my creative juices, precious time, and enthusiasm to giving you the "Oh, YES!" results you deserve.

In my spare time, I enjoy doing things I once said I couldn't, busting down the walls of boxes and creating compelling stories— told with words, lenses, personality, and vibrant colors.

If you are seeking more personality in your photos, whether it be family, senior portraits, or engagements, and want color in your world and witty charm in your day, then I believe this is the start of something special.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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