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LICENSE #02154780


Hello, my name is Ciara Seaton I am from Tulare County, although I have not always lived in Tulare County, this place is my home and always will be.

My Story

I have five siblings and am the baby out of 6 children. Having a big family and being the youngest has taught me the importance of having respect, kindness, and being helpful, and it has also allowed me to become my own person. I love helping people and know that real estate is the vehicle God is calling me to use to fulfill that desire.


​I wasn't always true to myself when I was growing up. After high school, I slowly became my own person, but it wasn't until after joining The Shawn Team that I became aware of my potential. It got me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to push myself further than I ever have. It taught me that being myself is what makes me different and what makes me stand out from others.


Joining the Shawn Team has helped me grow as an agent and the Head of the Compliance Department. Being a part of this team has brought me into a closer relationship with God. While I have always believed in God and that He was always there for me, it wasn't until meeting these people on this team that I began to put my complete trust in Him. As I continue to grow my relationship with Him, I am becoming more aware of the path He has created me to walk along.


With that, assisting people is something that I've always loved to do. I have learned that it's not just a small gesture when you put in the work and dedicate your time to helping someone. When you help out an individual, you have the potential to change their day or even week. I have even learned that you can change a person's whole life. Real estate is more than just helping someone buy or sell a home. It's helping a person purchase their first dream home or even assisting with selling their home to find their dream home. That is one of the many reasons I got into this career, to help that person find their dream home. Let me help you find your dream home.


"When my headphones are in, I'm in the zone."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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