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My name is Steve Nunes. As a Tulare native and a small business owner, I recognize and value my clients' trust in me, and I strive every day to exceed their expectations. I'm sure many young people from the valley felt like me growing up. They couldn't wait to leave, but as they say, "the grass isn't always greener on the other side." I don't regret my time in southern California, as it taught me independence and responsibility. 

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My Story

Leaving the valley allowed me the opportunity to meet my future wife and mother of my two children. Fortunately, she agreed that moving back to my hometown and starting a life together made a lot of sense. Now thirteen years later, she has ingrained herself in our community as an educator at Oak Valley School. I couldn't be prouder of the mother, wife, and strong woman she has become—an exceptional example for our eight-year-old diva. Leah is a ray of sunshine, and she finds an opportune moment for a solo performance every minute. Too smart for her good. She's always prepared with a glamorous outfit yet can't pass up a soccer game. Then there's Parker, my ten-year-old son, and clone. He never forgets any conversation we have shared, especially if there's a promise involved. He is highly gifted in problem-solving. He just took up golf and is showing a lot of passion, which is exciting.

My path into real estate is probably very unique to most agents. In a way, it started with a washing machine. My father, an immigrant from the Azores, started an appliance repair business in 1981, Nunes Appliance. A company that is still running today by my brother Mark in Tulare, CA. By 1988 the business had evolved to primarily commercial laundry. My first day of full employment was when I graduated from Tulare Western high school. Fast forward two decades, and I was hired by the North American leader of commercial laundry under their brokerage department. After Noth America was bought out, they decided to shut down the brokerage division and move me to equipment sales with the freedom to be an agent with a local broker.

My real estate background is in business sales, and I'm excited to join the Shawn team to hone my skills and expand to commercial and residential real estate. I pride myself on my honesty and the drive to do my best. My main goal is to make every client happy with their real estate decision and the decision to have me help them through their journey. 

A culture that recognizes everything we do must sprout from the desire to love others as one would love themselves. I longed to see more of this attitude in the real estate industry, which was the driving factor in founding The Shawn Team. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to serve my community and clients. Let's connect.


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