Our Team of Associates and Affiliates work together to create a smooth flowing transaction.

At each stage of the process we have only the finest professionals working with us to deliver the highest of integrity and passion to get the job done.



As the former General Manager of the Number One Real Estate Team in California in Number of Annual Transactions, Blake brings this experience to his own Team and oversees every transaction to make sure each client’s needs are met and they are happy with the final outcome.



The Listing Associates are responsible for overseeing the process of bringing qualified buyers to each property. Working with the Creative Department, the Modern-Day Marketing Plan is implemented with the help of the Marketing Department to expose the property to as many potential buyers as possible. 



The Creative Director will create video’s, graphics, and write the “Story” of the home. Story Selling goes beyond just photos, virtual tours, and print ads. It gives the home a personality which creates an emotional desire in a buyer. Story Selling techniques generate higher offers than other techniques.



Our Marketing Department will then take the creations of the Creative Department and make sure the property is seen by the biggest possible pool of buyers, not only locally, but nationally and internationally.


These associates are the first to have contact with an inquiry of a property received through our many marketing portals and assists  the prospective buyer while the interest in the home is still fresh. 

This information is then passed on to the Buying Associate who will promptly contact the new potential buyer.

Timing is everything, and our Inside Sales Associates allow us to be quick to respond when there is an interested party for any property. 



Our designated licensed Buying Associates work exclusively with our clients looking for new homes.

We guide the buyer through the entire process from the Pre-Approval lending letter to the giving of keys and move-in day.


Once an offer is accepted, our Transaction Coordinator’s work closely with the designated Associate to make sure all the needed contractual paperwork is done timely and legally to make sure everything comes together on time with no problems. 



That’s YOU!! When an individual transaction is finished our relationship is not over, it is just beginning! We look forward to having a life-long relationship.

You will always be invited to our Ambassador Community Events, charitable give-away’s, and other functions.

We hope you continue to read our email newsletters as we provide information on our community and surrounding areas.

And, we hope you share your experience with us to others you meet so that we can provide the same great service to them!