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In Regards to “WHO” our statement is:

We Provide…

Community, Neighbors, Value, Integrity, Friendship, Guidance, Homes, Luxury, Commercial, Land, Investments, and more…

The Shawn Team is a group of professional real estate agents of Dani Blain Real Estate.

As a Full-Service Team, we specialize in Residential, Luxury, Commercial, Land, and Investing.

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Blake Shawn, a top 1% agent in number of transactions, started the team in 2016. His goal has always been to have a team of exceptional people who work beside him, and not below him. Even though he is the namesake of the team, it is a team of individual agents with their own identity and area’s of expertise.

Working in “Collaborative Camaraderie” each agent brings their own specialties to the team that ultimately creates the best client experience as the desires of each client always goes ahead of the needs, or abilities, of each individual agent.

The Shawn Team currently covers Tulare, Kings, Fresno, Kern, San Luis Obispo, and Northern Santa Barbara Counties. The team is growing rapidly with new agents joining all the time.

Each agent is carefully screened and evaluated to make sure they have the Integrity, Character, Knowledge, and Commitment to Professionalism to maintain the highest of standards the clients deserve.

We Provide… is more than just an empty tagline. It is a belief that each team member embraces. We believe that to provide good service to clients an agent must not only know about the real estate market and the inventory, but know THE COMMUNITY! 

When a client buys a home they are buying more than just the physical building. They are buying into a neighborhood, a town, a city, a state, a way of life, and so much more. For this reason we believe agents should personally live in, or very close by, the area they are representing.

Having personal knowledge about the character of towns as a whole, and of the unwritten “sides” of towns, allows for a better representation to clients. We feel real estate is more than just providing the opportunity to view homes from an online portal, it is about LISTENING to the DESIRES and DREAMS of clients and helping to achieve them, through a lifetime!

Contact us, we look forward to PROVIDING!

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