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About The Shawn Team

Where Community Matters

The Shawn Team is the future of real estate, having created a streamlined, hassle-free, and personalized experience for buyers and sellers. From selection to service, the operational excellence the team provides is unmistakable, and they guide their clients with a friendly, casual approach that epitomizes the California lifestyle with a flair of unmatchable work ethic. 


أين يهم المجتمع


Serve the Community and Serve it Well


Establish a New Culture in Real Estate by Leading with Humility and Compassion to All


Leading our Clients as we Would Like to be Lead with Honesty and a Heart of Service to Others

100% Permission to Let People be Themselves!

Meet The Shawn Team

The Shawn Team Agents are easygoing and intentional but exert tenacity in helping their clients achieve their goals. The Shawn Team consistently serves a wide range of buyers and sellers in a manner and style that has earned them recognition throughout their communities. Blake's intentionality, persistence, and techniques, overlaid by The Lord's Favor, have grown our team tremendously. This blueprint begins a movement where integrity, honor, and service are the culture of individual and community transformation.

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