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Changing the World...

My name is David Schlick and I am a committed Christian that desires to change the world through my career in real estate. My professional motto, "Changing the world...two homes at a time," comes from my commitment to donate my entire net commission from each transaction to fund and build homes for the working poor just south of Ensenada, Mexico. My personal goal is to fund ten homes this year!

My Story

My first home as a new realtor sold in March of 2021. We set the price aggressively at $349,500. We felt this was a reasonable price, but maybe a little high. We ended up selling it for $371,000. Praise God!

I want to thank Gary Maze for trusting me with his investment. I worked hard to help prepare the house, stage it, and take care of all the details. Then, I believe I negotiated well, getting several buyers to bid against themselves, driving the price up. It paid off!!! Thank you to the Maze family for your hard work preparing the house. It looked great! Gary owes all of you big time! I also want to thank my awesome partner in ministry, Kendel Rodriquez. He took fabulous pictures and made a fantastic video, capturing the house's beauty. He has partnered with me to help fund homes in Mexico as a ministry. His work is superb!

On March 28, I led a 6-day mission trip to build the home for the Ayala Family, our first of 10 homes this year (I hope, but I need your help). See the video below.

Our energetic team ran a vacation Bible school, worked with women, delivered food & prayed for people, and completed the home build in just three days. Typically, our teams take four days to build a home, but several team members had to return early, so we finished the house faster than usual. We dedicated the house and gave the keys on Wednesday, March 31. Then, on Thursday, April 1, the Maze home, my first real estate transaction, transferred title. Had we built at our normal speed, it would have been a storybook finish, both houses exchanging keys on the same day. Nevertheless, the ministry of "changing the world...two homes at a time" was off to an exceptional start.

On all of the trips we take, the sellers and buyers are invited to come to help build the home and give the keys to the family. Want to be part of a build? Contact me!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to serve my community and clients. Let's connect.


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