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My name is Kaleb Kent, and I am the Videographer for The Shawn Team, The Downtown Dream, and Nexus Point Marketing.



My Story

Throughout my life, I have always been involved in the arts, whether it was traditional hand-drawn pictures of Spiderman when I was a boy or short video clips I made to test visual effects when I was a little older. I was constantly applying myself to the arts.

I continuously made things, mainly for myself and by myself, until high school. I attended El Diamante High school in Visalia, and their Media Arts Academy got me on the path I'm on today. This academy allowed me to create visual arts as a part of my high school curriculum and introduced me to people who would become my closest friends and creative partners. I would go on to create projects I'm most proud of and win student awards.

My passion and experience with filmmaking would take me through a rocky pandemic freelance career. There were many uncertainties and hardships, but that did not stunt my creative drive. The Lord has me here, serving you with The Shawn Team. We pride ourselves on providing a best-in-class experience in buying and selling homes, but we couldn't do that without every one of our agents. My job is to make sure you see and hear each agent for who they are, servants of The Lord and His people.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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