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Full Service Real Estate Team

The most important and valuable people in our business are our clients. Being able to provide services, regardless the type of property, creates a sense of relief and comfort to our clients. Often, a real estate agent may refer a client to another agent as they may have an expertise in a certain area. This may seem noble of the agent to refer a client to another agent with more specialty experience, however, we feel this weakens the valued client/agent relationship. 

Instead, if an agent does not have experience in a specialty area, the agent can bring into the transaction a brokerage associate with the specialty experience and work collaboratively to provide the best experience for the client. And, the valued client/agent relationship is always maintained.

As a Full-Service Brokerage, we are able to provide immediate services, no matter the type of real estate property. 

Through our Team of Associates and chosen Affiliates, we can provide all that is needed to serve at the highest capacity.

Imagine this: You want to sell your winery. It has many different components. The business is Commercial, the vineyard is Land, and any homes on the property are Residential. Even though it will all be sold as one, the marketing and exposure will cover many different segments.

All of which we have national and international exposure.

Using a Full-Service Brokerage approach always gives a “COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE!”



We focus primarily on Residential Regions in the state of California.



Working with Investors and/or Developers is one of our strengths. We have experienced agents with us who can take any project from idea to completion.



We have experience in Commercial Real Estate. Sales of multi-family, investment properties, tenant representation, landlord representation, and more.



Real Estate Investing is something many people are interested in, but are not sure how to go about or where to start.

We educate and guide all potential investors in every stage of the process.

Through our growing referral sources, we can provide many opportunities for investors to choose.



Whether the needs are for a single-family lot, or property for agricultural or commercial development, we have the infrastructure and experience to get the job done.



Our BROKERAGE with it's strategic alliances allows us to provide any real estate needs. 

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