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LICENSE #1976988


My name is Zack Slover, and my lifelong goal is to help people create lasting relationships centered around service, community, and Jesus Christ.

My Story

I have lived in the Central Valley all my life, and I have grown to appreciate all it has to offer. I went to Live Oak middle school and then attended Tulare Union high school. I enjoyed a high school experience filled with baseball, basketball, and football. I also excelled in school, and I graduated with a 4.22 GPA.

After high school, I felt called by the Lord to attend FPU. Little did I know this year at FPU would be a pit stop to find my lovely wife Rachel and move on to the school I would graduate from. Rachel and I have been married for about three years, and I couldn’t imagine my life without her! We have a beautiful baby boy named Luca and two dogs named Emmy and Bea. I love my family and am very grateful the Lord has blessed me with them. Now back to how I ended up on the Shawn Team.

I returned to Visalia, attended a small bible college, and graduated with my bachelor’s degree in church leadership with a minor in business administration. I then worked at Visalia First, serving as the youth pastor and the SAGU college Director. After my season at Visalia First, I felt a stirring in my heart to move on to something else to see what the Lord had in store for me.

I then met Blake Shawn and Jacob Fraga. Little did I know that these two men would change my outlook on life forever. We quickly became brothers and partners and started a business in the middle of the pandemic, where we have seen God move in marvelous ways! Our community is coming back to life! I got my real estate license, which is how I became part of the Shawn Team.

I quickly fell in love with the opportunity to serve people through real estate. I like helping people through the process of one of the most significant purchases of their lives because it allows me to be honest and vulnerable with other people, something I don’t think we do enough of in the world we live in today. For me, real estate isn’t just about the next transaction but the next relationship I get to make. I can’t wait to connect and help you find your next home, or maybe your next life-giving relationship!

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities to serve my community and clients. Let's connect.


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